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Executive Office and Undergraduate Student Senate Positions

Student Body President

The Student Body President (SBP) acts an advocate for Carnegie Mellon students both on and off campus, and oversees the running of the Executive Branch of student government. Some of the SBP's responsiblities include reviewing the Student Body Constitution, serving on several University Committees, and chairing the Student Government Executive Committee's weekly meetings.

The Student Body Vice President assists the SBP in all areas of the job, and is either elected alongside the SBP (as a running mate), or appointed by the SBP after election.

Student Body Vice President for Finance

The Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF) convenes the JFC to allocate $1.5 million collected from the Student Activities Fee for 280+ student organizations. The SBVPF also manages organizations that are on financial probation, facilitates an audit process for student organizations, and works with the Office of Student Activities to manage fiscal close for recognized student organizations.

Student Body Vice President for Organizations

The Student Body Vice President for Organization (SBVPO) is responsible for overseeing, advising, and advocating for student organizations. As part of this responsibility, the SBVPO serves as the chair of the Committee on Student Organizations, which oversees the recognition process for student organizations on campus.

Undergraduate Student Senate Representatives

A Senator is an undergraduate who represents students from their college. They are responsible for engaging with their constituents and accurately representing their views and concerns in discussions and student government projects. Student Senators are required to attend weekly General Body Meetings held every Thursday at 5pm and serve on a Senate Committee.