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referendum #1|spring 2011 general election

Carnegie Mellon currently participates in the Collegiate Readership Program, a nationwide initiative by USA Today to promote civic literacy and global awareness on college campuses through students’ daily exposure to the news.

The program was brought to Carnegie Mellon several years ago to give students access to copies of The New York Times, USA Today, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at swipe-card stations located in the University Center and most academic buildings on campus.

Our yearly contract with USA Today supplies these bins with newspapers, and we only pay for the papers that students take. The program is currently paid for out of the $5/semester Media Fee for undergraduate students. Ending our participation in the program would eliminate
the media fee.

Historically, Student Government has surveyed the student body every few years to assess if there is interest in continuing various initiatives at Carnegie Mellon. We hope to use this non-binding referendum to conduct such a survey this year to find students’ interest in continuing the participation in the Collegiate Readership Program.

Non-binding referendum

I am in favor of continuing Carnegie Mellon’s participation in the Collegiate Readership Program, paid for by the $5/semester Media Fee.